Little Known Ways To Rid Yourself Of adrenal fatigue solution

Thousands of dollars that I spent on seeing different types of doctors getting different opinions trying different approaches and taking a multitude of tests I realized that.

The problem lied and the fact that my body wasn’t producing cortisol and not only that that the most important factor of all was regulating the blood sugars something that I always felt was very important to our body and I really think is the key important to health is regulating the pH balance or the alkalinity and acidity within.

The body in an acidic environment the body can become inflamed it’s fertile grounds for disease cancer inflammation and just so much aches and pains it doesn’t function fully when it’s completely inflamed and this is due to high levels of acidity we tend to approach diet and health like it’s this overly complex thing of a list of foods that you should or should not eat and the list of activities.

You should and should not do but if you were focused solely on the ph balance of your body all the things that we know are good for our body tend to stimulate a healthier more balanced ph just like maintaining our blood sugar levels in a healthy balanced state will actually regulate our hormones.

That was the key to my healing when your hormones are out of balance we typically call if a chemical imbalance your hormones are chemicals that are secreted through the brain and different glands throughout your body to tell your body how to function.

What to do if they’re not functioning optimally the rest of the body gets thrown out of balance everything like your emotional resistance your ability to digest and metabolize and heal is going to be at an all-time low and for most people we suffer some level of hormonal imbalance to some degree the very specific approach that.

I took to healing my adrenal fatigue not only incorporated the understanding and awareness of this but it took everything that I learned combined.

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